A wide range of services for your garden

Garden project planning and construction

Landscaping services

You may not require a complete design and build, so we offer a full range of hard and soft landscaping services for you to choose from. From planting and turfing to paving, stonework and fencing, we can accommodate any of your requirements.

With YourLandscaping you can transform your garden without the hassle of involving numerous providers - we do it all for you.
Our comprehensive service can take you seamlessly through all the stages required to create your ideal garden.

This stage involves creating ideas for your garden. Every garden offers a unique opportunity which YourLandscaping can identify, and by incorporating your personal preferences, produce an outdoor space you will be eager to spend time in.

This stage may involve reshaping the contours of the garden, excavations and drainage. Material may be brought in or taken away. This may require heavy machinery.

Paving, stonework, decking and fencing can then be built.

Once the structure of the garden is in place and the main features built, the emphasis is on planting. Beds can be prepared, and additional soil brought in if required. Trees, lawns, shrubs and perennials, etc. will bring the garden to life. 

Once the garden is complete we are keen to offer any advice we can on the future upkeep of your new garden. Alternatively, we are happy to return periodically to maintain the garden, enhance or upgrade in the years that follow.

Landscaping and garden services in Inverness
Maintenance advice
and/or design
Hard landscaping
Soft landscaping
Garden design

Depending on your requirements YourLandscaping can produce rough sketches, colour visuals or detailed scaled plans for your garden project.


Our designs offer both practical and creative ideas to tackle the particular requirements or challenges of your garden. 


Because YourLandscaping can build, as well as plan your garden,

a loose sketch may be all that is required for work to commence. Detailed plans however, can help to visualise the finished product and allow accurate assessment of the materials and labour required.



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Gabion walls
Bespoke sheds
Firepits and bbq areas
Boulder features
Dry-stone walling