If your project requires elements of design or re-design, YourLandscaping will discuss your needs and then produce sketches, visuals or detailed plans.


Loose sketches begin the process and form a basis for the work ahead. They may be all that is required for the work to begin. Prices start from £60 + VAT per sketch, depending on the complexity of the project, with payment on receipt. 


Work could then progress to further visuals/plans, or move straight to the construction phase.


Visuals and plans involve a greater degree of detail, can bring the project to life, and are a development of the initial sketches. Detailed plans assist in the construction process and will vary on the individual needs of the project. Charges for this service start from £275 + VAT and depend on the size of the garden and complexity of the project.




In order to assess the project and give an accurate estimate of the work to be done, a visit is necessary. Photographs, measurements and notes will be taken to help in the process.


A detailed estimate of the materials and labour required can then be produced and will be given in writing.


On approval of the estimate, a schedule will be agreed and a deposit of 40% or the cost of the materials (whichever is the greater) is required before the work begins.


The balance is payable on satisfactory completion of the project.


In some cases an individual payment schedule may be agreed.




  • An estimate is an approximate price for the project based on our evaluation of the requirements necessary to complete the job to your specifications. An estimate does not include material price increases or additional labour and materials which may be required should unforeseen problems arise after the work has started.

  • An estimate is subject to change  in the event of changes to the original brief.

  • Acceptance of our estimate or quotation is equivalent to accepting our terms and conditions issued along the estimate/quotation.

  • Travel rates apply to sites outside of Inverness

  • We're a careful, considerate and highly professional business, but just in case, YourLandscaping is covered by £2 million  Public Liability Insurance

Pricing and terms of business

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