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Landscaping and garden services in Inverness

Daniel Bujakowski doesn't say a lot but his hard-working diligence keeps the cogs of the YourLandscaping machine turning. Daniel is happy to produce endless batches of mortar and is "king of the mix". He never seems daunted by a task and actually seems to enjoy the digging.

Paul Torode manages the hardworking and cheery team at YourLandscaping. His approach to garden design combines functionality with creativity & draws on numerous influences. Whilst responsible for pricing, planning & manpower, Paul much prefers getting involved in the physical work, and implementing the plan. He's certainly not scared of getting his hands dirty.

Matt Chetham has enthusiasm in abundance. He brings a wealth of garden & landscaping experience to the business and has not been daunted by the vagaries of the weather in his move north of the border!

Matt turns his hand to digger and machine work,

dry-stone walling & paving, but is equally enthusiastic when it comes to planting. The true all-rounder who never turns down a cup of tea.




YourLandscaping was formed in 2010 by Paul Torode. He settled in Inverness in 2005, 

and after a decade working in Antarctica and periods of forestry work, felt it was time to create a business of his own.  Based on his unique range of skills, Paul began small scale garden work, but soon expanded his workforce to take on more elaborate projects. 

Paul has long experience of working outdoors as a mountain leader, stone waller and groundworker. With his with previous training in graphic design, Paul has been able to combine a strong sense of proportion and functionality with the practical skills required

to create innovative and eye-catching gardens.

The YourLandscaping team has grown along with the projects, so that they now offer

a range of services and garden design unmatched in the Inverness area.



Anna Torode is the business lynchpin and marketing guru, responsible for website design, book-keeping, comunications and business strategy: almost everything in fact which doesn't involve digging.... 

Inukshuk - stone feature by YourLandscaping

The team




YourLandscaping is committed to protecting the environment by reducing an environmental impact of its operations through appropriate waste mangement and disposal.


We are registered as a Carrier of Controlled Waste with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). SEPA is a regulatory body in Scotland responsible for providing an environmental protection system to improve the environment and contribute to sustainable development.


The environmental licence helps us to make sure that any byproduct of the landscaping work which we carry out for you is disposed legally and safely. By following SEPA's guidelines on waste transportation and disposal we reduce the risk of harming the environment. 


For more information about SEPA please visit: www.sepa.org.uk